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Paid to Promote is often called “PTP”, [P]aid [T]o [P]romote. Paid to Promote is a way of making money online.Some websites of the promotion link  can be shared to any web pages e.g  your website,Facebook ,Twitter,Google+,Yahoo and so. It is enough to share a link together with your friends and family.

When anyone visits the pages that you have shared  the promotion link,you will earn money.Yer,it is one of the most simple and easiest ways to earn money online.You don’t need to view  any ads,neither reading mails  nor  doing task .

earn money on line


Some very good ptp website:


  • Get Paid up to 1.20$ per 1000 Visitors.
  • You can promote it everywhere! It can be promoted into autosurf websites!
  • 0.1$ Minimum Payout by Paypal
  • !!! fee 0% !!!

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  • Promoting a web page up to 2$ cpm,only”Breaks frames”.
  • Displaying banners on your website 0.4$ cpm
  • Minimum cashout : 1$ only
  • It can be promoted into autosurf websites.(1.2$ cpm earning link & Light version earning link)

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    Keep up the good work-- and hope you all take care of yourself during the coronavirus

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